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    October 28, 2013
    4:00 - 4:31pm PDT  

%fo our first look inside the nursing home where more than a dozen patients were allegedly abandonnd. you might by shock the apartment some shocked at some o damage. >> we'll show you the areas hardest hit. >> then a celebrity chef in a courtroom. his testimony against a teenager accused in a string of crimes. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news. good afternoon. thank you for joining us for
this special pre-game edition. >> we begin with new information in the first look inside an east bay assisted facility for more than a dozen residents evacuate the over the weekend. we found food, clothes and unmade beds, all signs of the business' troubled past. what neighbors told you today. john. >> reporter: there is that andn't owner told us that she hat been trying to fix the problems here and now wants her day in court. >> the valley manner community care home closed up. we got a look inside. resident the moved to other facilities over the weekend. for years conditions here were appalling. >> just elder abuse and neglect of needy people. >> he said he found one woman resident naked and shivering on the sidewalk. >> she lived next-door. >> i would hear screaming and
yelling and things like get me out of here. >> paramedics removed 14 residents after someone called 911. there were three staff on duty. he spent over $100,000 fixing the place up. she was addressing deficiencies that they found five months ago. >> he denied any clients were abandonnd, that a staff of three is enough. state guidelines "adequate staffing." owner wants a hearing with a judge. she has had problems with state regulators. there is a criminal investigation but so far arrests are not imminent. we're following developing news in the east bay where berkeley police asked people to
shelter in place because of a suspicious package. it was discovered before noon near the u.c. berkeley campus. they have been closed down there. the bomb squad is concerned about a suitcase. you see in the middle of the picture, besides the shelter in place, some buildings like walgreen's on tele graph have been evacuated. a fire in the mission district this afternoon. it started about 12:30. it burned three buildings and damaged a fourth on poplar street. it took them 90 minutes to get the fire under control and it was intense at times. >> we could see that the flames had gone 20, 30 feet. before that happened the firemen were on top and once the flames got that high, they had to back off. it created tons of intense
smoke. >> there were no reports of any injuries. they don't know how many people were displaced because of the fire. investigators are looking for it. >> it started around noon and was out after 1 p.m. the road was closed near the san pablo reservoir. happening now, cleanup underway across the bay area after that windy night last night. it caused a lot of damage. we have live team coverage. bill maher tin is fracking the current conditions but tom is where the wind toppled a tree. bay area winds can be dangerous. >> this morning the tree service responded to an emergency call. >> i'm surprised how much damage there was. when we got up you could see
it. i was surprised but thankfully every body is okay. >> we were having a dinner party in the cottage behind the main house and heard this creeing of timber and then a big thud. >> a half century old red wood secluded from direct sunlight cold over. they are a soft wood so this is a case here where the whole root ball didn't come up, but it was rotted and broke. >> it slowed down the fall. if it would have had a nice, clean free-fall,ity would have leveled nat house for sure. >> we have to get somebody out to make sure the trees are okay. >> it kept the pg&e crews hopping. the branch that didn't appear to be rotted or cracked fell and cut off power to 46 other homes. >> 13% of outages are caused by trees and 90 purpose of those free caused outages are healthy trees and branches that go
down. >> much of the broken power line remained in the trees here. >> there is a possibility a tree could be energized it ground below it, as well. >> now since a fall in winter full of winds lies ahead, if there are trees big enough to do damage to this house, it is a great idea, a very important idea to get an expert in who can tell you what to do before it is too late. >> meantime a man and his son were nearly hit by a tree toppled by the high winds. an oak tree was uprighted last night in the backyard of a home on 6th street. a large branch crashed through the roof of the bedroom where he was playing with his one- year-old son. if the came within inches of seriously injuring them. >> there was a branch coming out of the roof. >> it missed the little boy but did scrape his father on the back. he was treated at the hospital
for minor injuries. >> the gusting winds got the tow trucks busy. winds blew over five big rigs. this was flipped over. this one was near mountain house parkway. the driver and passenger busted their way out of the truck's cab to escape. >> here is a live picture of san francisco. the winds died down somewhat from last night and earlier today. bill maher tin will tell us what is to come in just about ten minutes. >> a judge restrict the the driving privileges of a park worker who killed a woman with his own truck. he pleaded not guilty. he is accused of running over a woman sunbathing with her baby and dog nearby. he is on unpaid leave.
he would only drive to look for work and take his children to school. >> we have agreed so he can seek and maintain employment that he has. he has kids he has to transport to school and other activities. >> he is free on $100,000 bail. due back in court november 17th. >> may have had a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit. . crash happened thursday night as the couple was walking their dog. he talked with the suspect's family and has the latest up. rob. >> reporter: outside court this afternoon we spoke with the brother of the woman accused of killing the couple. she suffers from mental illness. >> president court appearance was postponed because of an undisclosed medical condition. he is accused of driving her car into a couple last thursday night who was out walking their
dog. they were both killed. his brother publicly offered condolences to the family and says his sister remembers little of the accident. >> i just visited her yesterday and she still don't believe she killed nobody. no what i mean? she says that a car cut her off and the next thing she knew, that is the last thing she remembered, a car cut her off. she had dozens of brushes with the law dating back to 1984. last september she pled no contest to misdemeanor drunk driving but went through a program and she also had drug parafa kneel ya and the night they were killed, she was driving with a blood-alcohol level much higher than .08. >> we have a prelim mary blood- alcohol level. we know it is well over .15. >> must have had a meltdown
when my mother passed away last year. she had been on a downward spiral ever since. >> they leave behind three daughters but the family did not stay to talk to the media. if convicted she faces up to 15 years in prison. reporting live, channel 2 news. a woman died in a driveway earlies this morning after another woman backed an suv into her at 2a m. police say the women were in the vehicle together when the 26-year-old victim got out. the 27-year-old driver backed into her. police arrested the driver on dui charges. they found beer cans it cup holders and a case of beer in the vehicle. news that a judge is allowing pg&e to bring a pipeline back online has city leaders calling for stricker oversight of gas pipeline. it came during a state senate hearing today. they want pg&e to provide more
accurate records of safetynd a them to keep closer tabs on pg&e. breaking news about the "affordable care act." the white house announced it is extending the deadline for americans to sign up for the healthcare coverage. pushed back six weeks to now march 31st. previously it was mid february. the tax penalties under the overall and it is only good for 2014. the family of a teen shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy says they want justice for their son's death. what they said about the consequences that deputy could face. >> from the kitchen to the courtroom. why he was on the witness stand today in the north bay. >> there is a frost advisory for parts of the bay area tonight. i'll let you know if it includes your backyard.
continuing coverage on the shooting death of a teen-ager by a share river adeputy. as community out rage over that killing continues to grow. we're hearing for the first time today the name of the sheriff's deputy who shot that teen. she joins is with the site of the vigil. alley. >> reporter: people in the community have been coming to this site all afternoon. they have been leaving behind and eling, flowers and balloons. i spoke with andy afather. he didn't want to talk on camera, but high wants justice for his son's death. when i asked what justice means for him, he would likement deputy to face criminal charges and spend time in jail for the shooting death of his 13-year- old son. >> candle by candle this memorial has grown. all day long a steady stream of
people have come here where andy lopez was killed on tuesday. some new the teen personally. >> he used to come over after school and ask if i could play outside. >> reporter: the sheriff's office confirmed the deputy who killed him. 4 eight-year-old eric gel house, a 24-year-old. he served in the national guard and according to his profile, a writer for s.w.a.t. magazine. a field officer and was on a training exercise tuesday night when he saw lopez holding a be- be gun that looked like an assault weapon. he shot him seven times when he failed to put down the gun and look toward the deputies. >> shame on the sheriff. you have broken our hearts. >> there are two marches planned in response tonight shooting. one at 10:00 tomorrow morning. organizers handed out fliers with permission slips so students can be excused from
school to attend. another is wednesday at 5:00. >> terry is organizing that event. she didn't know him personally but she was disturbed. >> they are feeling they are suspicious in some way always. >> organizers for those two marches planned this week have been on the street corners all afternoon letting people know about the event. representatives declined to speak on camera about this story today, but we're totaled the sheriff is meeting tomorrow with the latino advisory committee, a group of 8 representatives from here and the goal is to find ways to help with the healing process and work with the community, so this never happens again. live in sanoma county, channel 2 news. students return to school this morning, a week after a 12- year-old opened fire there killing a math teacher and killing himself. grief counselors met with
students as they arrived. he wounded two other students. he broth the gun from home. they don't know his motive or if he was targeting the people he shot. >> celebrity chef took a break from the kitchen to take the witness stand in an attempted murder trial. this ch he was leaving court after a very brief testimony in the trial of max wade, accused of two counts of attempted murder and orchestrating a theft of a car in 2011. that $200,000 car belongs to fee era. prosecutors say wade stole the car to try to impress a girl but when she spurn the his advances a disguised wade tried to shoot the girl and her boyfriend but missed. in april 2012 he was arrested where they found evidence of the shooting and they found the lamb bergen ney which the chef says will be his last. >> i had a chance to own one.
i have to move past it. we'll stick with american made. >> his testimony was a minor matter in the case. closing arguments began this afternoon and are still under way. penn state is paying $59.7 million to 27 abused. university president rodney erickson called the agreements another step forward in the healing process for those hurt by mr. sandusky and another step forward for penn state. >> the doctor convicted of causing michael jackson's death has been released from jail. he left just after midnight. he had been sentenced to serve four years behind bars but a change in california law reduced it to two years. michael jackson's fans and protestors held a vigil outside the jail. the attorney spoke after his release.
>> my client got the maximum term possible. he had no prior record. he had 20 years of exempt there ry service as a physician. he served every possible. they didn't let him out a minute early. >> because of his conviction, dr. murray's medical licenses are suspended in three states. >> spain's government is upset over reports the united states has been spying in that country. they called in the u.s. ambassador to complain. they indicate that the national security agency collected data from 16 million spanish phone calls in a single month. a drop despite strong iphone sales. they reported a profit of $7.5 billion or $8.26 a share. they had $37.5 billion. that was helped in part by iphones during the quarter.
consumer reports 2013 reliability ratings are out. toyota's lexus the most reliable in the survey. and gm's gmc coming in 9th overall. it revoked its recommendations for the camry, raf 4 and prius because of low crash test scores. the sierra received several inches of snow and more is expected later today. changes overnight. by this afternoon the chain checkpoints removed. they are warning drivers to be cautious after reporting several spinouts and a jackknifed big rig. >> check on the numbers in tahoe. up to 8 inches of snow. as of right now. there is more snow on the way. wind gusts around here. 54miles an hour on the great highway. that is ocean beach. you have blowing stand across the great highway. that can cause a lot of trouble
driving back and forth. be ready for that. the big winds are dying down. the showers this morning in the south bay mainly is moving out of the area. these are current temperatures. the temperatures are going to drop tonight. the winds die down. overnight lows pretty cool. temperatures overnight tonight to easily be in the 30s. mid-30s in the coldest spots so you'll see some frost. we're looking for a frost advisory that will be in effect for the north bay hills. there we are in blue. that's through tomorrow morning. it will be frosty in other locations as well. in the next 24 hours, mostly sunny and warmer. overnight lows like these, upper 30s and mid-30s. cooler temperatures than that though away from the urban centers. the forecast for san francisco tomorrow 59 degrees for a daytime high in san francisco.
san jose's forecast high 65 degrees for a daytime high tomorrow. temperatures coming up a little bit or where they were today. starting off cool and ending up mild. forecast high 67 livermore. good air quality. cold start. that is the story. the five-day forecast p you can see temperatures on the mild side and warming through the week. the five-day forecast as you head to your weekend view looks nice with clouds saturday and sunday. a slight chance of a sprinkle sunday. back into fall and starting to feel like winter too. >> a change. >> cool in the mornings. >> trick-or-treats will be dry. >> that is the good news. a warning tonight for parents of young children. take steps to limit your child's use of devices and social media. that is from the a irk ma can academy of pediatrics.
it is linked to obesity, behavior issues and other health related risks. limit len rest electronic entertainment two hours a day and avoid tv time for under the age of two. >> a look ahead and a look back. a child who was a hero for game four of the series. we get ready for the pivotal game five.
of >> this high school football game of the week is sponsored by extend ty. mark is here to talk about the world series. something magical about it. >> last year we had little league world series. kids doing great. this time around, nolo cal angle as far as the giants but what a hero as the boston red sox even things up. 2 outs, 2-2 count. and he rides one. he knew it was immediately out
of the park. a 3-run homer and it turned out to be the game decider as the red sox do even up the series 2- 2. the game five tonight, but his own jonny gomes didn't even know he was going to be in the starting lineup last night. great story. >> you're in there. you know playing left field, cable out to the dugout and looked up and had to protect david ortiz. good luck with all that. >> the one thing i wanted out of this game was the opportunity, so you know, i got the opportunity tonight and one thing you can guarantee when i am in the lineup i will be swinging and i was fortunate enough right there to take a swing on a good pitch. >> yeah, he is a valuable guy. meantime the big win in london but how about the raiders. looking solid against the pittsburgh steelers and ben
roethlisberger. everybody was talking about the big run biter rell prior, and how about the defense? they turn in five sacks and picked off ben roethlisberger a couple times. a lot of people surprised by the silver and black defense but one of those people not surprised. the steelers quarterback, ben roethlisberger. >> good defense. they got after us and they were better than us. >> you look on paper. they are not as good the. >> well, it is on paper. this is average great place to come play. the fans are passionate. they just beat us. >> there you go. that it pro football talking high school football. our game of the week. there is your selection. get to and the teams that get the most votes will feature friday night here on channel 2 our friday game of the week. >> that is it for now. >> thank you, mark. >> tonight on the 10:00 news,
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